How To Create Ebooks And Sell Them Online

Ever thought about writing ebooks and selling them as a source of passive income? According to Medium, you can earn up to $2,000 a month through passive income with ebooks on Amazon. It’s one of the top ways you can generate revenue for years to come. Here’s how.


If you already have a business, writing a book is an excellent way to generate more revenue streams. For example, if you are a personal trainer or have a fitness business, writing a book about tips for weight loss with a quick 8-week workout plan that appeals to the masses is a good option. Maybe you’re into finance and can write a short book helping younger generations learn to save money, look for the best credit cards and plan for retirement. If you do not currently have a business or idea take a quick search to Amazon’s eBook store and see what the current trending topics and genres are. Make a correlating list of things you are passionate about, and jot some ideas down.


Perhaps you have not yet written or considered writing a book because you yourself are not a writer. Don’t let this stop you from your passive income earning potential. Utilize freelancer sites like Fiverr and UpWork to collaborate and delegate the areas that are not your strong suit. Writers can also help you clarify your idea and take care of all the research, formatting, and editing for your eBook. Additionally, graphic designers on Fiverr can create a book cover for budget-friendly prices.

If you’re taking on the task of writing the book on your own, there are a few ways to get in the groove. Make sure you save your document in two places to ensure it does not get lost. The last thing you want is to put in hours of work for your computer or internet to glitch and erase it all. Layout the content for the book in advance. Think of specific topics you want to cover and at what length. These can be the starting areas for your chapters.

Set a specific amount of time each day to sit down and write. Get yourself in the headspace by setting the scene in your writing area. Remove distractions, put your phone and other notifications on do not disturb for the duration of your writing period. Play some calming music and light a candle or incense. Having a little ritual will help get your mind into the creative flow.

Once the book is complete, give it a once over for revisions. Wait until you are finished with the book to go back and do this. If you catch inconsistencies, clean them up. Once you are done with your initial proofread, we move onto the next step of hiring an editor for the final sweep.


Whether or not you wrote the book yourself, it’s best to get a fresh new pair of eyes on your words for the editing phase. An improperly formatted book or one riddled with grammatical and spelling errors will not sell. It needs to be professional, well-written, and easy to read to earn those top ratings and top dollars.


Amazon Kindle is free to sell books on. You can create an author page, author bio, even link to your site if you have one. Amazon offers free kindle formatting software to help you prepare your book for both hard copy and digital formats on their site. There is a space to create your own book cover or upload a pre-designed one, along with the option to write your book blurb, author bio, and add a photo of yourself to the back. You can set your own prices and run your book in Kindle’s promotional categories to reach more viewers.


Generate word of mouth for the launch of your book through social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Through Kindle you have the option of creating a pre-launch sale at a lower price. By running ads on platforms with specified hashtags you can create a buzz around your book. Go to sites like GoodReads to create a profile for your book and get a conversation going there to establish it as a credible read.

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